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TargetInfo – Website Information Gathering and IP Scanning Tool

TargetInfo is an opensource information gathering and IP scanning tool based on HackerTarget’s API Features Include MTR TracerouteTest PingDNS LookupReverse DNS LookupWhois LookupGeoIP LookupReverse IP LookupHTTP HeadersPage LinksAS Lookup Also read: Utools2 – Hacking Toolkit Install TargetInfo git clone cd Targetinfo chmod +x ./

Trigmap – Wrapper for Nmap to Automate the Pentest

Trigmap is a wrapper for Nmap. You can use it to easily start Nmap scan and especially to collect informations into a well organized directory hierarchy. The use of Nmap makes the script portable (easy to run not only on Kali Linux) and very efficient thanks to the optimized Nmap algorithms. Trigmap can performs several […]

Machinae Security Intelligence Collector

Machinae is a tool for collecting intelligence from public sites/feeds about various security-related pieces of data: IP addresses, domain names, URLs, email addresses, file hashes and SSL fingerprints. It was inspired by Automater, another excellent tool for collecting information. The Machinae project was born from wishing to improve Automater in 4 areas: Codebase – Bring […]

Utools2 – Hacking Toolkit

About Us Haxf4rall is a collective, a good starting point and provides a variety of quality material for cyber security professionals. Useful Links Subscribe Please wait… Get our Hacking news and tools straight to your inbox ‘); $n(“#filed_5ce0249457362_name_Nknewsletter_space”).css( { marginBottom : “0px” } ); // emailAdd=false; } } else{ isvalidName=true; } if(emailAdd!=””){ var element=$n(“#filed_5ce0249457362_youremail”).next().next(); if(emailAdd.toLowerCase()==’Email’.toLowerCase()){ […]

Red Team Powershell Scripts

Various PowerShell scripts that may be useful during a red team exercise. The repo includes the following scripts: Search-EventForUser.ps1: Powershell script that search through the Windows event logs for specific user(s) Search-FullNameToSamAccount.ps1: Full name to SamAccountName Search-UserPassword.ps1: Search LDAP for userPassword field Remote-WmiExecute.ps1: Execute command remotely using WMI Take-Screenshot.ps1: Take a screenshot (PNG) Get-BrowserHomepage.ps1: Get […]

QRGen – Simple Script For Generating Malformed QRCodes

Simple Script For Generating Malformed QRCodes. These qrcodes are useful if you want to test some QRCode scanner’s parser or how the application handle QRCode data. Proof Installation What to you need: python3 qrcode Pillow argparse QRLJacker v2.0 – QRLJacking Exploitation Framework Steps 1 git clone cd QRGen3 pip3 install -r requirements.txt OR python3 […]

InfoSploit: An Information Gathering Tool

 InfoSploit is a simple Python 2 script for Information Gathering activity. Tested On: Linux and Android Phone (Termux No root). Install and run InfoSploit git clone cd InfoSploit sudo bash install Infosploit Features of InfoSploit DNS Lookup Whois Lookup GeoIP Lookup Subnet Lookup Port Scanner Extract Links Zone Transfer HTTP Header […]

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