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CarbonCopy – A Tool Which Creates A Spoofed Certificate Of Any Online Website

A tool which creates a spoofed certificate of any online website and signs an Executable for AV Evasion. Works for both Windows and Linux. Install Carboncopy git clone Carboncopy commands python3 443 anyname.exe signed-anyname.exe Screenshot of Carboncopy Like this: Like Loading… Related

RootOS – macOS Root Helper

rootOS tries to use various CVEs to gain sudo or root access. All exploits have an end goal of adding ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL to /etc/sudoers allowing any user to run sudo commands.   Exploits CVE-2008-2830 CVE-2015-3760 CVE-2015-5889 CVE-2017-13872 AppleScript Dynamic Phishing Sudo Piggyback Run python Dynamic Phishing Like this: Like Loading… Related

Graphical User Interface for Metasploit Meterpreter and Session Handler: Kage

Kage (ka-geh) is a tool inspired by AhMyth designed for Metasploit RPC Server to interact with meterpreter sessions and generate payloads. For now it only supports windows/meterpreter & android/meterpreter   Getting Started Please follow these instructions to get a copy of Kage running on your local machine without any problems.   Prerequisites   Installing You […]

Legion – Semi-Automated Network Penetration Testing Framework

Legion, a fork of SECFORCE’s Sparta, is an open source, easy-to-use, super-extensible and semi-automated network penetration testing framework that aids in discovery, reconnaissance and exploitation of information systems. Legion is developed and maintained by GoVanguard.     Features Automatic recon and scanning with NMAP, whataweb, nikto, Vulners, Hydra, SMBenum, dirbuster, sslyzer, webslayer and more (with […]

XSS Chef: Generating Custom XSS payloads

XSS Chef is a small React.js application inspired by CyberChef, which provides users with a modular way to build JavaScript payloads to typically be used during penetration tests to demonstrate cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. A live copy of the application can be found here. The current set of recipes can be found below, along with a description […]

UACME v3.1.5 releases: Defeating Windows User Account Control

Defeating Windows User Account Control by abusing built-in Windows AutoElevate backdoor. x86-32/x64 Windows 7/8/8.1/10TH1/10TH2/10RS1/10RS2 (client, some methods, however, works on server version too). Admin account with UAC set on default settings required. git clone Run executable from command line: akagi32 [Key] [Param] or akagi64 [Key] [Param]. See “Run examples” below for more info. First, param […]

Scapy – Interactive Packet Manipulation Tool

Scapy is a very powerful packet manipulation program and library, written in Python. It allows you to: forge / decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, etc. This tool can also perform tasks such as scanning, trace-routing, probing, unit tests, attacks, network discovery, and much more. (official […]

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