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Androspy – Backdoor Crypter & Creator With Automatic IP Poisener

Androspy – Backdoor Crypter & Creator With Automatic IP Poisener Dependencies keytool jarsigner Apache2 Metasploit-Framework xterm Installation sudo apt-get install git git clone cd Androspy chmod +x sudo ./ chmod +x sudo ./ Tested on : BackBox Linux Kali linux Parrot os Contact   Like this: Like Loading… Related

DarkSpiritz v2.0 – A Penetration Testing Framework For Linux, MacOS, And Windows Systems

M4cs | @maxbridglandRyan | @ryan0x1 Version 2.0 UPDATE (READ IMPORTANT)This version should run a lot smoother and have a cleaner UI. Check the reddit post here to see all changes: Getting StartedClone the repository with git: git clone DarkSpiritz wiki available hereTo install DarkSpiritz clone the github repo and run: pip install -r […]

Real-time File Scanning System: Strelka

Strelka differs from its sibling projects in a few significant ways: Codebase is Python 3 (minimum supported version is 3.6) Designed for non-interactive, distributed systems (network security monitoring sensors, live response scripts, disk/memory extraction, etc.) Supports direct and remote file requests (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc.) with optional encryption and authentication Uses widely supported […]

WinSpy – A Windows Reverse Shell Backdoor Creator With An Automatic IP Poisener

WinSpy: Windows Reverse Shell Backdoor Creator With ip poisener. Dependencies 1 – metasploit-framework 2 – xterm 3 – apache2 4 – whiptail Installation sudo apt-get install git git clone cd winspy chmod +x ./ chmod +x ./ Tested on : BackBox Linux Kali linux Parrot os Tutorial Contact   Like this: Like […]

SILENTTRINITY – A Post-Exploitation Agent Powered By Python, IronPython, C#/.NET

A post-exploitation agent powered by Python, IronPython, C#/.NET. Requirements Server requires Python >= 3.7 SILENTTRINITY C# implant requires .NET >= 4.5 How it works Notes .NET runtime supportThe implant needs .NET 4.5 or greater due to the IronPython DLLs being compiled against .NET 4.0, also there is no ZipArchive .NET library prior to 4.5 which […]

TakeOver : Script Extracts CNAME Record Of All Subdomains At Once

Subdomain takeover is a class of vulnerability where subdomain points to an external service that has been deleted. The external services are Github, Heroku, Gitlab, Tumblr and so on. Let’s assume we have a subdomain that points to an external service such as GitHub. If the Github page is removed by its owner and […]

AutoRDPwn – The Shadow Attack Framework

AutoRDPwn is a script created in Powershell and designed to automate the Shadow attack on Microsoft Windows computers. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to view his victim’s desktop without his consent, and even control it on request. For its correct operation, it is necessary to comply with the requirements described in the user guide. […]

Nodexp – A Server Side Javascript Injection Tool

NodeXP is an intergrated tool, written in Python 2.7, capable of detecting possible vulnerabilities on Node.js services as well as exploiting them in an automated way, based on S(erver)S(ide)J(avascript)I(njection) attack! Nodexp Getting Started – Installation & Usage Download NodeXP by cloning the Git repository: git clone To get a list of all options run: […]

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