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FBI Take Down Dark Web Search Site DeepDotWeb for Money Laundering

Authorities seized DeepDotWeb website as part of an international operation involving the FBI, Europol, and Federal law enforcement agencies from Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The authorities in the US charged two suspected website administrators, in the meantime website was seized by law enforcement and judicial authorities. The two administrators of the #DeepDotWeb arrested […]

Qakbot Malware to Steal Login Credentials & Wipe Bank Accounts

A new wave of Qakbot or Qbot banking malware campaign utilizes the advanced persistent mechanism to steal credentials and draining their bank accounts. Qbot mainly targeting the businesses with sophisticated evasion technique to remain undetected and make it harder for users to detect and remove the malware. In order to perform this evasion process and […]

High school Students Arrested for Allegedly Employing Someone from the Dark Web to Hack Their School WIFI

Two 14 year old freshmen from Secaucus N.J. high school were recently arrested after being accused of hacking their school’s WIFI system. The two boys allegedly knocked down their school’s WIFI system so as to avoid taking a test. With the WIFI down, the teachers were not able to teach any lessons or give any […]

A Look at Baldr, a New Type of Malware Circulating in Hacking Forums

Baldr is a unique malware recently found on darknet hacking forums that adopts a grab-and-go approach in gathering bulk data from computers. Malware developers in underground hacking forums are reportedly pushing a new malware called Baldr. Popular mostly in Russian forums, Baldr received acclamation at the time of inception in January. Like other malware, it […]

Data breach in fitness website, the internet’s biggest online store and online forum for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, has disclosed last week a security breach that impacted its IT systems. The incident report mentions that the security breach could have compromised some personal details about users stored by the website owners. “We conduct research in collaboration with external […]

Dread: A New Reddit-Like Service for the Dark Web

Reddit user HugBunter announced the launch of Dread, a Reddit-like .onion site that will also include market security reports, premium reports, ratings, a .onion site list, and other services. Dark web markets have recently been suffering from security issues, and the offered security reports will allow potential customers to make informed decisions of which markets […]

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