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Iceland suffered the most serious attack in the history of the country

A few days ago, Iceland in Europe was hit by a large-scale phishing attack initiated by cybercrime groups. Criminal gangs sent phishing emails to tens of thousands of Icelandic users.

Eventually, up to 1,000 people were identified, and other personal information was revealed, which is the most significant and most serious cyber attack in Iceland’s history.

Of course, you might think that the information leak of 1000 people is not trivial, but the total population of Iceland is only 350,000. So this is not too small for Iceland.

Iceland suspects that there is a ghost assisted attack:

Cybercriminals are arrested by registering domain names that are very similar to the Icelandic National Police and then sending emails to users claiming violations.

The vast majority can hardly tell the fake website that is fake, and the user’s full name will be automatically popped up after entering the identity information.

In this way, the user thinks that this is the official website of the Icelandic National Police, and then enters the critical information of his bank card and submits it to the phishing website as required.

The Icelandic official said that it is not easy to automatically pop up the full name after entering the identity information. Iceland suspects that there is information about the citizen’s identity in the country.

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 9:07 am

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