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PhishX – Spear Phishing Tool

Spear phishing tool using fake pages to capture user credentials.

  • Generates a fake pages to capture passwords
  • Adds Targets Info to the The Fake Page
  • Sends SMS’s using services like Facebook/Instagram/Google
  • Sends SPOOFED emails with the SMTP you provide
  • Uses NGROK to make the Fake pages Accessible world wide
  • Grabs Victims IP Addresses and Does an IP lookup

issue here.


Video Demo

Written by: Z-Hacker – Twitter: @_DEF9, GitHub: @zanyarjamal

DISCLAIMER: This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes, period.

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Updated: September 18, 2018 — 2:32 pm

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