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REDasm: The Open Source Disassembler

REDasm is an interactive, multiarchitecture disassembler written in modern C++11 using Qt5 as UI Framework, its core is modular and it can be easily extended in order to support new file formats and instruction sets.

Formats & Assemblers Support

Portable Executable 32/64 bits
ELF Executable 32/64 bits, Little/Big endian
Sony Playstation 1 Executable PsyQ 4.6/7 signatures available
Android Dalvik Executable (DEX)
XBox1 Executable (XBE)
GameBoy Advance ROM In development
Nintendo64 ROM Little/Big endian and “swapped roms” are supported, In development
x86 and x86_64 Capstone Based
MIPS Capstone Based, Little/Big endian mode
ARM Capstone Based, 32 bits only
CHIP-8 Just for Fun 🙂

Precompiled Packages

Nightly Builds and Stable Releases can be downloaded from website.

Compiling from Source

See (for Windows and Linux).


  • CMake >= 3.10
  • C++11 compiler (tested on GCC 6.x and MSVC2017)
  • Qt >= 5.9 LTS
Malware Analysis Tools and Cheat list


Runs on Windows and Linux.

Updated: May 1, 2019 — 3:05 pm

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