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Sony PS4 encounters malicious code attack

At present, Sony’s PS4 game platform is being attacked by malicious code. If the player receives a message containing malicious code, the device will immediately become soft.

This kind of malicious code is mainly to trigger some potential weaknesses of the Sony PS4 firmware. After successful triggering, the device can only be completely reset after resetting the factory settings.

The code attack of PS4 is not a hacker attack in the traditional sense. At present, it is mainly popular in the prank transmission between strangers or friends.

malicious message PS4

Block any messages to prevent being mischievous:

If the user’s PS4 account does not block the message in the privacy settings, then anyone can send malicious messages to other users through their account.

So the best solution is to block all messages in the privacy settings of the account settings, of course, if you are assured of friends, you can also set up only friends.

After this setting, only friends can send you messages to avoid receiving malicious code from strangers. For the time being, Sony officially did not announce PS4.

After receiving the message, the soft brick can only be reset and restored:

If the user, unfortunately, receives such a mischievous attack, then the device can only be reset, because if you do not need an operation after receiving it, your PS4 will become brick.

Fortunately, this is a soft brick so you can restore the device by resetting to factory settings. For PS4 players, it is essential to pay attention to this type of attack recently.

Updated: October 15, 2018 — 8:22 pm

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