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ThunderDNS – Tool To Forward TCP Traffic Over DNS Protocol

This tool can forward TCP traffic over DNS protocol. Non-compile clients + socks5 support.


Setting up NS records on our domain:

Please wait for clearing DNS-cache.

Simple server run:

python3 ./ --domain

Simple server run (Dockerfile):

docker run <imageid> -e DOMAIN='<domain>'

Simple client run (Bash):

bash ./ -d -n <clientname>

Simple client run (PowerShell):

PS:> ./ps_client.ps1 -domain -clientname <clientname>

Show registered clients list:

python3 ./ --dns --dns_port 9091 --clients

Run proxy:

python3 ./ --dns --dns_port 9091 --socks5 --localport 9090 --client 1

Video demonstration




Download ThunderDNS

Updated: December 29, 2018 — 10:39 am

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